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The photographer putting the fun back in bath time

Richard Kern gets splash happy, taking us into his bedroom, bathroom and beyond with his latest zine

Richard Kern is no stranger to the naked female form. Last time we met, Kern was capturing suburban America’s harrowing prescription pill addiction. For his latest project, Bed, Bath & Beyond, the photographer is playing on an infamous homeware store’s moniker, but, this time, he’s keeping it clean – or as clean as you can get with nude girls in the tub. “I think there's an unconscious feeling that if  a person is wet, then they must be clean,“ he says, adding, “Water somehow means freedom and cleanliness. There's nothing like swimming with no clothes on with someone you are into.” Featuring black and white images of girls, rolling around the tub, mascara smudged, one with her hands tied and hair bedraggled – published courtesy of Innenzines – Kern puts the fun back in bath time.

Bed, Bath & Beyond is available now from Innenzines