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Photography by Synchrodogs

An experiment with photography’s fresh faces

A new tome with enough eye candy to populate a small country’s Tumblr obsession – including Kostis Fokas, GORSAD and Gordon Holden

Kitty cats and ball sacks, Hitler, McDonalds and Miley Cyrus – these are the things you'll find in Cactus Digitale Project, a photography tome featuring some of the most exciting (not to mention fun) artists, photographers and illustrators of today. Produced by Luca Smorgon, Valeria Peschechera and Giovanni Gross, three young students with a keen desire to create a unique platform for unpublished art production. In digital form, their website Cactus Digitale is bulging with enough eye candy to populate a small country's Tumblr obsession – harvesting these visuals into corresponding diptychs, the trio have taken pen (well, print) to paper and published their first ever 'hard copy' book. "Every single image is different from another, expressing something distinct and containing details that make it valued," Smorgon tells us. Featuring over 37 artists, including Kostis Fokas, Andi Galdi Vinko, Gordon Holden and Kiev art collective GORSAD, the book is brimming with fresh talent. "When we decided to create Cactus, we did a lot of research in order to find new, talented photographers and artists, a scouting that influenced us with emotions and instinct. With a broad representation of new artists, this is an experiment.”

Cactus Digitale Project is available now, click here