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Emma Hartvig

It's your last chance to support this top secret zine

Getting behind the crowdfunded zine project that's putting a Post Secret twist on the emerging art scene

Crowdfunded new zine A Secret may be in its eleventh hour but it's certainly not stopping us getting behind this adventurous new project. The concept, dreamt up by Irish artist Aoife Dwyer (who is also a member of Bunny Collective), is a fusion of emerging photography and submitted secrets. Starting out as a blog back in 2012, Aoife quickly began to incorporate the notion of withheld meaning into the project, inspired by the infamous Diane Arbus line: "A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know." Speaking about the way these secrets interact with and inform the art, Aoife explained: "They have the power to drastically change the context of the photographic works but they will also add an unforeseen element to the mix and hopefully transform this zine into something more – open to interpretational deviation". Committed to promoting both national and international artists (watch out for Dazed favourites, GORSAD in the mix) Aoife hopes to put funds from the campaign towards launching a new magazine and exhibition. Best not keep this one a secret though as the project is in it's last day for crowdfunding, so get behind the project here.