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Kwes (London, UK)

Dazed premiere the new video for the songwriter and producer set to release his EP on Young Turks

The young multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Kwes began developing his musical repertoire since his early years. Drawing musical experimentation from haphazard experiences with a tape recorder given to him for his birthday, he has come a long way to be releasing his EP 'No Need To Run' on London label Young Turks. Dazed Digital present the premiere of the new video for his upcoming single and throw a few questions at the 22-year-old.

Q & A
...your worst vice?
At the moment, The Real McCoy's crisps

…the story behind your name?
It's my real name. Just like Pete or Dave or Syd or Tom or Cat...

...the world coming to?
It is coming to understand its weaknesses and strengths even more from our mistakes and advances.

...your favourite website?
Ah that's a tough one, would Spotify count? it's actually encouraged me to buy even more CDs.

...good for breakfast?
Borough Breakfast tea and croissants stuck in oven for a few minutes is catching me at the moment. the top of your shit list?
Anaphylaxis. Hayfever and toothaches.

...are you listening to now?
At this very minute, 'Raspberry Beret' by Prince.

How would you describe your work?
Freepop, which hasn't been widely accepted yet as popular music, but does play around with pop structure and instrumentation/sonics all the time. I think pop is what has always been within me. I've just been soaking up as much as I can get my ears on from anywhere regardless of genre. I was a chart show fiend when I was a kid, and probably still would be if TOTP or The Chart Show still existed. Broadly speaking, I'm also not a classically trained musician.

The launch party celebrating Kwes' new EP will see him play live with support from the likes of Micachu and Actress.

Video directed by Christopher Schreck