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Cardi B Cardi Ties Tying The Knot
via Facebook (therealcardib)

Cardi B planned and officiated this same-sex couple’s wedding

The rapper helped with seating arrangements, decor, and wedding dress, while Raven Symoné was the ring bearer

Imagine turning up to your own surprise wedding and finding out it was planned and officiated by Cardi B? That’s exactly what happened to Shannon, now-wife to Brandi, during an episode of Facebook’s Cardi Tries series.

The episode, titled “Cardi Tries Tying The Knot”, found the rapper (who is a licensed officiant) working with Raven Symoné on planning the day for Brandi’s Cardi-obsessed fiancé, picking out table decor, flowers, as well as selecting a dress.

Shannon was told that her bride was planning an engagement party, and wasn’t aware of Cardi’s involvement, before she surprised her at the altar. “You guys are probably wondering why I’m here,” Cardi told the crowd. “I’m gonna get these two beautiful ladies married.” She then introduced Raven as the ring bearer.

The episode also included an emotional discussion about LGBTQ+ acceptance in regards to Brandi’s relationship with her mother. “My mum is not here today,” she told Cardi and Raven while trying on dresses. “She does not agree with the lifestyle. She did send me a message wishing me well… you always want those moments where you and your mum get to do this together.”

“By the way WORLD, I’m licensed to marry people… sooo yea… I do it all and this was such a fulfilling thing to do and Raven was soo fun I was sooo starstruck,” Cardi wrote on Twitter.

Previous episodes of Cardi Tries have seen Cardi attempting rhythmic gymnastics, sampling Latin American food, and “wildlife”.

Watch the episode in full below.