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Kanye West
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Where’s Kanye’s Donda album? Here’s the best memes while we wait

With no word from the rapper, fans are sharing their collective confusion on social media

Kanye West’s 10th album Donda was originally scheduled to release today (June 23). 

According to a previously leaked tracklist from a studio session with Tyler, the Creator, the album – named after West’s mother who passed away in 2007 – will feature “Wash Us in the Blood” with Travis Scott, “New Body” with Nicki Minaj, and previously-tweeted-then-deleted title track “Donda”. Otherwise, on June 21, Kanye teased a minute-long snippet of “No Child Left Behind” in a Beats ad starring US track star Sha’Carri Richardson.

Ahead of the release, West hosted a live listening party in Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz stadium yesterday. Despite the 42k people attending – which allegedly included his former wife Kim Kardashian – the rapper showed up almost two full hours late and spent the listening party silently roaming the stadium floor and making intensive eye contact with audience members. Just Kanye being Kanye! 

Now (because what else would we expect) the album seems to be missing from all streaming platforms. With no word yet from Ye, it’s safe to assume another Jesus Is King-style album delay may be underway. 

According to The Independent, however, a “reliable source” has explained that although artists usually upload records to streaming services ahead of time, Kanye’s team has opted to wait until release day to avoid leaks. So, basically, we’re all really just sitting around waiting for the Spotify upload to hit 100 percent. 

In the meantime, fans are sharing their collective confusion amid the album chaos on socials. Here’s a roundup of the best below.