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Via Instagram/@kevinabstract

Kevin Abstract on the end of Brockhampton: ‘We all love each other’

The rapper also gives an update on the group’s Technical Difficulties project

Following the release of Brockhampton’s penultimate album — Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine — last month, Kevin Abstract has spoken up about the group’s output coming to an end, as well as material that will potentially be released down the line.

Posting a series of tweets on May 18, the rapper suggests that there’s no animosity about the end of the hip hop boy band’s stellar years-long run. “We all love each other and we wanna continue making the best music we can,” he says. “Everybody just getting a lil older and got a lot to say outside of group projects.”

“We’ve dedicated the last ten years of our lives to making music together… this next project we’re just doing what’s rite.” Abstract previously announced that their latest project is the first of two albums scheduled for release in 2021, adding: “These will be our last.”

Alongside his latest statement, Abstract shares some news on upcoming material, saying that Brockhampton’s next video (following April’s Lil Nas X and Dominic Fike-starring “Count On Me”) will be visuals for “Don’t Shoot Up The Party”.

The group also wants to officially release its Technical Difficulties project, though Abstract adds there are “hella samples to clear”, saying: “I wouldn’t even be surprised if that came after the last album.” Earlier this month, Kevin Abstract additionally announced a new solo album, following 2019’s Arizona Baby.

View the new Brockhampton statements below.