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SZA in the video for Hit Different
via YouTube/SZA

Listen to SZA’s new song, ‘Good Days’

The release follows SZA’s return with the Ty Dolla $ign-featuring track, ‘Hit Different’

SZA dropped a new song just in time for Christmas, titled “Good Days”. The nostalgic track follows the September release of “Hit Different”, her collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign (and first new music as lead artist since 2017’s Ctrl). 

“Good Days” was originally teased towards the end of the musician’s video for “Hit Different”, though the musician subsequently tweeted that the song was in clearance. The new release comes alongside an acoustic performance from SZA’s bed, combining the two tracks. Listen below.

SZA has been discussing her upcoming follow-up to Ctrl for a while now. Back in 2019, she said it was coming “soon as fuck”, revealing that she’s hit the studio with the likes of Jack Antonoff, Brockhampton, Justin Timberlake, and Post Malone (though it’s not confirmed that they’ll feature on the record itself). 

At the beginning of 2020, meanwhile, she suggested it would be released later in the year. Since then, she’s tweeted (then deleted) that the president of her label, Punch, has delayed the new material and kept her in the dark about the release date.

That got a #FreeSZA hashtag trending on Twitter, leading her to clarify: “Don’t nobody need to free me. Lmao I’m not being held hostage n neither is my music!! Sometimes u gotta be patient… sometimes no is a blessing… I trust the ppl around me.”