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SZA confirms 2020 album release
courtesy of Instagram/@sza

SZA confirms that a new release is coming this year

The wait for a follow up to her 2017 debut, Ctrl, has been a long one

Back in the middle of 2019, SZA said that her new album was going to be coming “soon as fuck”, but we’re now in 2020 and we still haven’t heard it. However, she has recently put a (slightly) more specific date on the follow up to her massive debut, 2017’s Ctrl

SZA talked about the new album’s release date in a Twitter Q&A yesterday, where she also took questions from fans on a variety of topics, including what she’s listening to, her workout plans, and global politics.

To the question of whether we’re “getting anything this year” she replied: “I’d say the date me and punch jus discussed .. but that would stress me n build uneccesary pressure.. short answer is yes.”

Elsewhere in the Q&A, she seems to hint at a Sam Smith collaboration. In the past, she’s also talked about hitting the studio with Brockhampton, Justin Timberlake, Jack Antonoff, and Post Malone.

Whether we’ll see any of them on the 2020 release when it comes is still TBC.