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Lady Gaga
via Instagram/@ladygaga

Watch Lady Gaga strut to the ballot box and vote in pink platform boots

The musician has been vocal about voting in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election

Along with Selena Gomez and Timothée Chalamet – who both hopped on a video call to share their voting experiences earlier this week – Gen Z have turned out in droves to get their votes in ahead of the upcoming US presidential election. Perhaps no one has made as iconic an entrance to the ballot box, however, as Lady Gaga (and who’s surprised?).

The musician shared her trip to vote – or “Ballot Drop Off Realness” – in an Instagram post October 27, strutting from her car to the California ballot box in shimmering, sky-high, pink platform boots, sunglasses, and the obligatory mask and “I voted” badge. 

The soundtrack? A song from her own most recent album, of course: Chromatica’s closing track, “Babylon”.

Ahead of voting, Gaga has joined other artists (including Lizzo, Ariana Grande and Lorde, and Tyler, the Creator) in encouraging fans to do the same, sharing a steady stream of social media posts advocating registration and making concrete plans to vote. One video shows her perform a singalong about voting, while another directs fans to nonprofits such as Feed The Polls, which helps feed people waiting in line.

Some of her other posts include other useful information, such as an explainer on voter’s rights to have their voice heard. Watch Lady Gaga vote herself in the video below.