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Lizzo, aka Auntie Sam
via Instagram/@lizzobeeating

Lizzo, aka Auntie Sam, urges fans to vote

‘Auntie Sam out here doin what she gotta do to get y’all to vote!’

The run-up to the US presidential election on November 3 has seen a wave of public figures encouraging young people to get out and vote, from Billie Eilish to Gen Z TikTokers, and Frank Ocean to YouTuber Tana Mongeau (who’s offered free nudes in exchange for a Joe Biden vote).

Now, Lizzo has joined calls for voter participation, encouraging her fans to register to vote via an Instagram post in which she’s dressed up as Uncle Sam (or, more appropriately, Auntie Sam). “Hey YOU,” she writes in the caption. “Have you felt the same disconnect from this country? Have YOU felt like this nation is your house but not your home?”

“It’s because we are on stolen land trying to live within laws written by white men FOR white men in 1787. I see YOU using your power of protest and your freedom of speech. I see YOU unlearning the narrow scope of our history and seeking the truth.”

Lizzo’s subsequent call to vote comes alongside a new phone line, which fans can text to make sure they’re registered to vote, confirm their polling location, and get reminders for the elections.

Previously, Lizzo has also interviewed the Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris on her Instagram (seemingly following the lead of Cardi B, who filmed an interview with Biden back in August).