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Tyler, the Creator
via Instagram

Tyler, the Creator urges fans to ‘pull up’ and vote this November

‘If you are young, and your fucking back don’t hurt, go to them polls and cast a fucking vote’

With just weeks to go before the November election, Tyler, the Creator has taken to Instagram to urge fans to vote.

Speaking on Instagram in a video posted yesterday (September 28), the 29-year-old rapper and producer spoke earnestly to fans who, like himself, have previously not voted to reconsider to head to the ballot boxes this November.

“I know I’m the last person y’all should ever take advice from,” he said. “If you are young, and your fuckin back don’t hurt, go to them polls and cast a fucking vote.”

Speaking to camera, the musician admits this will be his first time voting, but added: “I’ve seen the light.”

 “A lot of y’all gonna be like ‘Ehhh, my vote doesn’t matter and they’re gonna pick who they want... Y’all want a new DA? Pull up. Y’all want all these rights... Pull up.”

He went on to share the issues that mattered to him most, including keeping art and music programming in public schools. “They’ve had the same curriculum since 1442, judging everybody on the same shit,” he said. “I have female friends who need certain things...and I like being able to fuck on and marry whoever the fuck I want at any given moment. If we want to keep some of those options, then we have to start somewhere.”

Watch the rest of his video below.