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Travis Scott deepfake, Jack Park Canny Dope Man
Travis Scott deepfake, Jack Park Canny Dope Manvia Vimeo/space150

Listen to an AI-generated ‘Travis Scott’ song

An accompanying video features a deepfake of the rapper, Travis Bott

A digital agency, Space150, has created a knockoff Travis Scott song using artificial intelligence, titled “Jack Park Canny Dope Man” (catchy). The new bot is just the latest development in the intersection between AI and music, and it’s being called, wait for it… Travis Bott.

The track was generated by feeding the rapper’s lyrics into a text generator model, and creating beats and melodies with other neural network programs. The result? A pretty on-brand sound (including the rapper’s autotuned voice), although the lyrics are pretty much completely nonsensical.

“It came up with things that we would never come up with,” Ned Lampert, Space150’s executive creative director tells Adweek, speaking about the process. 

One of those unexpected things was Travis Bott’s obsession with food and eating. “The bot kept talking about food,” Lampert adds. “There was one line like, ‘I don’t want to fuck your party food,’ and we’re just like, ‘What?!’”

Travis Scott himself (the real one) is seemingly yet to acknowledge his AI counterpart, though Lampert would apparently like to get his input.

To top it off, “Jack Park Canny Dope Man” also comes with a video starring a Travis Scott deepfake. Watch below.