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Chance the Rapper
Chance the RapperPhotography by Dan Jackson, styling by Alistair McKimm

Chance the Rapper says he’s recording an album with Kanye West this month

The two rappers plan to work on the record in Chicago

Chance the Rapper recently told Open Late’s Peter Rosenberg that he wanted to make his own seven-track album with Kanye West, just like the five records that Yeezy produced out of his Wyoming studio. Chance has now given a clearer timetable on their new music, revealing to Windy City Live that he’ll be recording the record with West in Chicago this month.

“I always loved... his music, loved his creativity, loved his voice, loved his fearlessness,” Chance says. “So working under him, working with him on his albums, is crazy – but having him tell me that he wants to produce my album and come to Chicago and work with me is like...” The end of his sentence trails off and gives way to loud applause. “This month, we’re working in Chicago.”

Chance adds that his new music would be “very, very personal” and would likely reflect on his recent engagement to longtime girlfriend Kirsten Corley.

The two Chicago rappers previously worked together on “Ultralight Beam” and “All We Got”. Chance’s last record was 2016’s Coloring Book.

Watch the interview below.