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Kim and Kanye at ye listening party
Kim and Kanye at ye listening party in Wyomingvia Def Jam Records/Instagram

Kanye West wants to make ‘52 records in 52 weeks’

It’ll be just like this summer, but all the time!

Kanye West is, obviously, a polarising figure. This summer, he produced five new albums and released them over a five-week period – and depending on how you felt about it, this glut of activity was either the most exciting thing that could possibly happen, or the most annoying. So imagine that this was happening not for five weeks, but every week for an entire year.

Well, this vision of the future could soon become a reality. New York Times music critic Jon Caramanica recently profiled Kanye West, visiting the rapper/producer while he was holed up making records in Wyoming. Caramanica subsequently discussed meeting ‘Ye on the Times’ Popcast podcast, where he revealed Kanye’s previously unreported desire to make “52 records in 52 weeks”. “Take that for what you will,” Caraminca said.

Caramanica added that Kanye’s comment came during the second week of the five-week release schedule, so he might have just been saying something off the top of his head – as Kanye is wont to do. But hey, you can’t really discount anything from Kanye at this point, can you?

Listen to Teyana Taylor’s K.T.S.E., the final album from the Wyoming sessions, below.