Kanye tweets that he has two albums coming out soon

His next album is out on June 1, then on June 8 he’s releasing ANOTHER one with Kid Cudi

As predicted, Kanye’s return to tweeting has coincided with the announcement his fans have been waiting for. Last night he revealed details about not just one upcoming album, but a second with long-time protege Kid Cudi.

“My album is 7 songs,” he tweeted before following up with a tweet that simply included the date “June 1st”. The maverick musician then said he’d also drop another just a week later entitled “Kids See Ghost” with Kid Cudi after explaining the pair are forming a new group of the same name.

In March, West was reportedly seen at a studio in Wyoming with rumored guests including Drake, The Dream, Travis Scott and Kid Cudi showing that there’s probably a lot more collaborations he’s keeping close to his chest – despite the incessant tweeting this week.

Alongside this personal revelation, he then went on to list the release dates for Pusha T’s upcoming project (May 25) and “Fade” video vixen Teyana Taylor who's next album we can expect on June 22. Both stars are part of West’s record label Good Music.

His feed has been very revealing recently, giving fans an insight into his philosophical thoughts and creative processes. He’s given some guru like advice, and also told us that his Twitter now serves as a real-time philosophy book. All this interspersed with key reveals from his next moves in fashion, music, and neck tattooing. Welcome back Ye. See the rest of his stream of consciousness below.

Update, April 23: Kanye has been busy on Twitter over the weekend, explaining that he has had a hand producing all of the records that he’s tweeted about – and that he’s also working on a new Nas record, due June 15. “Been chopping samples from the sunken place,” he wrote – a reference to Get Out’s ‘Sunken Place’, where fans have been joking Kanye is trapped for a while now (a joke given legs this weekend after the rapper tweeted his appreciation for the incredibly lame conservative grifter Candace Owens).