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Snoop Dogg at TechCrunch Disrupt Conference
Snoop Dogg at TechCrunch Disrupt Conferencevia Instagram @snoopdogg

Snoop Dogg to launch cannabis site called Merry Jane

The rapper’s new weed lifestyle site will tell you what products to try and where to get your fix

It’s never been a secret that Snoop Dogg loves getting stoned. If the rapper and reggae artist’s investment in a Uber-style weed delivery app wasn’t enough to show his support/love for the drug, Snoop Dogg’s latest project definitely will.

Speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, the full-time cannabis smoker announced he wants to create a lifestyle website dedicated to all things weed. Apparently you'll be able to find out everything you need to know about the drug including the best ways to smoke it, what products there are and of course where you can get your own stash. Basically, Snoop wants his site to be the encyclopaedia of the weed world – if there’s a man to head up the project it’s him. He also Instagrammed a picture of himself looking extremely "Silicon Valley chic", clearly he’s enjoying swapping arena stages for the ones at app conferences.

His new site, naturally named Merry Jane, will also feature a series of video interviews called Deflowered, a "ground-breaking interview series that will profile innovative people as they enjoy cannabis."

The first episode features marines hitting bongs and talking about their experiences on the battlefield. Watch below.

At the conference, Dogg said: “After watching where the cannabis industry is headed, I wanted to create a platform that will take this movement further by creating a destination where people could find fresh content. Merry Jane is a game-changing platform for pop culture. It’s a new frontier y’all!”

“There are so many people in the closet," he continued. "We are giving them an opportunity to come out of the closet and just admit they like to smoke. I’m a smoker, my name is Snoop Dogg, and I’m a stoner,” he added.

Although the site is due to launch in October, Snoop Dogg is sending out invitations to 420 people for them to test out the site. All you have to do is head to the site and pop your email in the box for early access.