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Connan Mockasin

The exclusive video from the London-based singer and musician follows him on tour

Famed for his hauntingly off-kilter melodies, New Zealand-born, London-based Connan Mockasin’s psychedelic soft pop provides us with insight into his enchanted world. With fans in Radiohead to Ed Banger’s Pedro Winter, his album “Forever Dolphin Love” takes musical routes down jazz influences, soft guitars and ethereal lo-fi hums. Besides writing the score for the first short film from the inimitable Kinga Burza, Mockasin has also worked alongside the likes of Villagers, Noah and the Whale, Charlotte Gainsbourg as well as Late of the Pier’s Sam Eastgate on upcoming project, Soft Hair. Before he supports Warpaint on their tour this year, Dazed presents the new video featuring unseen footage from his own tour.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?

I'm sensitive but willing to get involved, kind to others especially older people and young children. I have good wisdom and knowledge but with a sense of humour. I can be sympathetic and enjoy seeking an awareness of right from wrong. I also have the ability to relate to anybody, any personality, any temperament, anything.

...your worst vice?
Dropping live fish into a push mower on Easter Sunday while singing 'hosanna'.

... your favourite sound?

just listening to the ocean at home when I'm falling asleep.

...your worst fashion secret?

An unhealthy stock of moccasins in the wardrobe? Anything fashionable.

...your favourite website?

... good for breakfast?

Hashbrowns the top of your shit list?

Being haunted by spirits/ghosts

...are you listening to now?

'i believe in you' by Neil Young and Talk Talk

How would you describe your work?

Acquired but getting better!