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Photo by Amaury Choay

Birthday Bangers

Parisian Ed Banger records celebrate their seventh birthday over here at London's Coronet

Following the sold out Ed Banger sixth (and a half) birthday party in July, 2009 where the crowd saw sets from the family including secret guests Justice playing their only UK show of the year, label owner Busy P will be returning to London's Coronet on Friday 5th March to celebrate seven years in the business. Bringing the whole gang of SebastiAn, Breakbot, So-Me along with the UK's very own Fake Blood and Riton, the Ed Banger crew will be bringing Parisian chic to Elephant & Castle. Dazed Digital speak to Pedro 'Busy P' Winter himself to see how he really feels about balloons and birthday bashes...

Dazed Digital: Why did you pick London to celebrate your seventh birthday?
Busy P: We threw our first birthday party when Ed Banger records was only four years old. We did it in Paris, our hometown. Before that I thought it was too early to celebrate, we needed to prove we were here not for a couple of years or a trendy label that goes with the wind. In 2009 due to our crazy schedule we missed the date to celebrate the sixth anniversary... but I managed to find some crazy promoters who accept to celebrate our six & a half birthday! Deadly came up with the idea of the Coronet, an old theatre with a soul, kids went crazy and all the label artists played back to back and took special K. Birthdays are often cheesy you know, balloons, confetti and even worse, people doing "la chenille" How can I explain to you in English? It's when people are all in line and walk in each step, got me? So normally this is embarrassing, but I kind of like it! What I'm trying to say is I love birthdays! So fuck it we are turning seven years old in February, let's party again at Coronet!
DD: You're billing UK residents Riton and Fake Blood, how do you feel about what these guys have been doing for the London music scene?
Busy P: Let's make it clear, Fake Blood is the best DJ around at the moment, technically and musically. He is dancing with the turntables and makes the craziest club bangers when he is in the studio. Riton, we just booked him because we needed an extra handsome boy on stage I don't know his music really. All I know is that he is tag-teaming with another DJ/model, DJ Mehdi for a project that we will release on Ed Banger records this summer.
DD: Have you heard the Daft Punk score for Tron yet? Were you a fan of the original film?
Busy P: Tron was magical when it was released, I doubt the magic will happen twice to be honest. What makes this Tron return exciting is the soundtrack of course. Talking about the Daft Punk soundtrack, since I've choosen Justice's leather jackets and quite the robots i'm like all you guys, I'm waiting and dreaming. But seriously I can't imagine a second being disappointed by my favourite Punks.
DD: Breakbot's a bit of a mysterious character, what's he like and how's his new stuff coming along?
Busy P: For Tron's return they choose Daft Punk, for "When Harry met Sally", if they need someone for the soundtrack, Breakbot is available! Breakbot is making music for the lovers. I am impressed how it is natural for him to be part of Ed Banger records. We followed him since 2006, he is like the cute girl at the college you're too scared to speak to... but one day it happens and you realise it's her. His first single "Baby I'm Yours" will make him your best friend for Valentine's Day.
DD: Any resolutions for the new year?
Busy P: Hmm, hmm did you look at us? Are we the kind that make resolutions? We're seven, come on! Since when do you become serious and boring at this age! Ed Banger records is a teenager compared to cult labels like Warp or Domino, let us discover the joy of vodka... we'll talk resolutions with our hangover.