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Courtesy Simon & Schuster

Julia Fox officially announces her long-awaited, ‘masterpiece’ memoir

‘I AM A WRITER!!!!!!!’

Almost exactly a year ago, on the red carpet of the Vanity Fair Oscars party, Julia Fox casually announced that she was working on a book – not quite a memoir, but a “masterpiece” based on the story of her life. “I’m very superstitious so I don’t like to speak of things before they’re finished,” she slurred, her eyes bloodshot and throat mid-throttle, in a moment that swiftly went viral. “It was a memoir at first, but now it’s just, like, my first book.”

Now, after months of confused anticipation, the Uncut Gems star / muse / Good Mother / mouse-ridden apartment dweller has made it official. The book is here, and it’s – in the words of its publisher, Simon & Schuster – a “true literary achievement”. 

The book, titled Down The Drain, was shared earlier this afternoon on her Instagram, along with a teaser of the front and back covers. “Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to be a writer, & after writing every single word in this book, it’s safe to say I AM ONE!!!!” she wrote in the caption (Fox already admitted last year that she would be writing it entirely herself, stating on her Instagram stories that there were “no ghost writers over here hunny”). For what it’s worth, Simon & Schuster describes her resulting prose as, actually, “both eloquent and accessible”.

Despite saying the book would not be a memoir, it definitely seems that way from the information we have so far. According to the official synopsis, Down The Drain will recount Fox’s “turbulent path to cultural supremacy” – tracing her “volatile” upbringing that left her “largely raising herself”; her “abusive” relationship with a drug-dealing boyfriend; her time in both jail and psychiatric hospitals; her dominatrix work; her former, “near-lethal” heroin habit; and – of course – her tabloid-dominating 2022 relationship with a tiresomely stupid man known only as “““““The Artist””””. 

“Fox doesn’t just capture her improbable evolution from grade-school outcast to fashion-world icon, she captures her transition from girlhood to womanhood to motherhood,“ concludes the summary. “Family and friendship, sex and death, violence and love, money and power, innocence and experience – it’s all here, in raw, remarkable and riveting detail.”

You can pre-order Down The Drain here.