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Julia Fox rings the death knell for the celeb house tour

‘I don’t like excessive displays of wealth [...] especially people that have really big houses,’ the actress said in a TikTok tour of her mouse-ridden apartment

Julia Fox has offered us a warts-and-all glimpse into her life by posting a home tour on TikTok. “Okay, I never thought in a million years that I would do this, but I do believe in maximum transparency and so I’m going to give you guys an apartment tour,” she said in the clip. “I know I’m going to get roasted and whatever, but hopefully, maybe someone can watch this and be like, ‘maybe I’m not doing so bad!’”

The actress went on to show her bedroom – originally the apartment’s living room. “I put my bed here in the living room so I could turn my bedroom into a little playroom for Valentino,” she says (so cute). The room is littered with photos of Fox’s friends and loved ones, Valentino’s toys, and skincare products. There’s also a “growth station where nothing is growing” – ie two pots labelled for ‘basil’ and ‘mint’ bearing no signs of life at all. Mood!

She then takes us down a cluttered corridor lined with “more stuff”, before offering us a glimpse into her “tiny” bathroom. The towels are mismatched; Valentino’s toys are in the bath; she’s storing a pink scrunchie on the tap. There’s not a tasteful reed diffuser or candle-laden bath tray in sight. I did spy an Aesop hand wash – but if the rest of the apartment is anything to go by, Julia has probably done what the rest of us do and filled up the nice brown bottle with some $2 soap from Walgreens. 

Next is the kitchen – with Valentino’s own little toy ‘kitchen’ in the hallway outside. The fridge is covered in colourful magnets. There’s a cotton candy machine in its box on the dining table. Shoe boxes pile high in the corner, “which is very common for New Yorkers,” Fox adds. Again, there’s no pointless bowl of limes, there’s no crazy basinless sink, there’s no ‘pantry’ stocked with ten types of pasta, no ‘coffee station’, no ‘bar’. I am amazed that Ye (presumably) set foot in this house and was not immediately sent into a coma after spending years living in a furnitureless, monochrome house with Kim.


Come with me on a very underwhelming apartment tour! also to clarify I have only ONE mouse and he’s cute 🥰

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“For me personally, I don’t like excessive displays of wealth, they make me feel icky. Especially people that have really big houses,” she says. “It’s just really wasteful when there are so many homeless people in this country. I’m not really like that.” She even went on to say they have a problem with mice in the apartment. “I let them rock, I appreciate that they – at night, while we’re sleeping – come out and clean up the crumbs that my son drops on the floor. I’m not going to evict the mice anytime soon.”

Normally when I watch celebrity house tours I end up wanting to d*e – Emma Chamberlain’s Architectural Digest tour was a particularly tough watch considering she is three years younger than me and has a kitchen like that. But watching Julia’s house tour was… nice? Comforting? I was sceptical when she introduced the video by saying “maybe someone can watch this and be like, ‘maybe I’m not doing so bad’”. But I was proved wrong – even I don’t have a mouse problem! So, basically, thank you Julia, for continuing to be the blueprint for how celebrities should be.

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