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Film & TVZola, the viral Twitter thread-turned-film, is now a book
Science & TechNASA will be voyaging to the dark side of the moon
Laughing gas
Science & TechLaughing gas is effective in treating depression, according to a new study
Charli XCX on Drag Race All Stars
Film & TVCharli XCX joins Drag Race All Stars judges, and a new twist is revealed
Magic mushrooms
Science & TechPsilocybin is as effective in treating depression as antidepressants
Ariana Grande
HeadAriana Grande might be joining the celebrity beauty brand hype
Science & TechPeople are confused by Grimes’ TikTok about technology and communism
Pulp Fiction
Film & TVQuentin Tarantino’s cast wish list for Pulp Fiction isn’t what you’d expect
Harry Styles
HeadIs Harry Styles releasing his own beauty brand?
MusicBeyoncé is working on new music, according to Destiny’s Child’s groupchat
COVID-19 vaccine
Science & TechInfluencers say they were offered money to discredit the Pfizer vaccine
Gucci AW20 17
FashionA virtual Gucci bag has sold for more than the IRL version
Super moon 2021
Science & TechA super flower blood moon is coming – here’s what it means
Starman (1984)
Science & TechBarack Obama confirms unexplained UFO sightings
Science & TechAudio deepfakes are a new freaky facet of celebrity culture
Daytimers COVID relief party
Life & CultureDaytimers is throwing a rave in aid of COVID-19 relief in India
Anita Wigl’it impersonating Queen Elizabeth II
Film & TVDrag Race Down Under gets censored in the UK for a Prince Andrew Joke
Nike Reuse a Shoe project
FashionHere’s what Nike is doing to become more sustainable in 2021
Euphoria Zendaya Instagram story
Film & TVZendaya has shared a behind-the-scenes look at Euphoria season two
Emily Ratajkowski
Art & PhotographyEmily Ratajkowski is selling a Richard Prince photo of herself as a NFT
Lana Del Rey Blue Bannisters
MusicLana Del Rey announces another new album, Blue Bannisters
Timothee Chalamet
HeadIs Timothée Chalamet bleaching his hair blonde? An investigation
MusicKesha has been denied appeal of the Dr. Luke defamation verdict
Cardi B
MusicCardi B slams Republican for discussing ‘WAP’ instead of police brutality