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Hong Kong meme museum, K11 Art Mall
Via Instagram/@k11artmall

Take a look inside the world’s first meme museum in Hong Kong

Visitors to K11 Art Mall can visit Doge-themed attractions and get Rickrolled IRL

The last decade has seen memes evolve beyond recognition, reflecting our chaotic culture and political discourse back in on itself, as lines between the internet and daily life became increasingly blurred. Now, those memes have literally seeped out into the real world too, at Hong Kong’s K11 Art Mall.

Taking over the art-oriented shopping centre, the world’s first meme museum comes courtesy of the Hong Kong-based meme sharing platform 9GAG, showcasing the most iconic irony and esoterica the internet has to offer.

Visitors can tour seven main zones, which highlight both local and world-famous memes, covering everything from Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video to Doge, and distracted boyfriends to Rick Astley.

Muhammad Sarim Akhtar (AKA Disappointed Cricket Fan), the man who went viral for his reaction to a dropped cricket ball in 2019 and fully embraced his newfound life as a meme, has also expressed his excitement at making the cut.

Other sections of the museum offer meme-based tattoos, photo booths that allow you to create your own custom memes, a “4D interactive zone”, and an augmented reality conveyor belt that brings memes to life. A “time tunnel” meanwhile, immerses viewers in the history of internet culture.

The meme museum is open now, and will remain open at Hong Kong’s K11 Art Mall until September 5. View a preview below.