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Drake 'Hotline Bling'
Drake 'Hotline Bling'

Drake releases Hotline Bling video

The Canadian rapper parades around a featureless sci-fi universe wearing a red puffer jacket and doing some serious dad dancing

To the best of our knowledge Drake is not a father, but that hasn’t stopped him indulging in some serious dad dancing in his new video for "Hotline Bling". The Canadian rapper shimmies about a sparsely-lit environment, mournfully singing "You used to call me on my cellphone", an apparent ode to horny chats with strangers on the other end.

But amongst all Drake’s trademark 21st century dolefulness, the pastel neons that Billboard theorises may be inspired by visual artist James Turrell and his gorgeous red puffer jacket that I’ve Googled, one burning question remains – is Drake good at dancing? The video for "Hotline Bling", directed by Director X, featuring Drake dancing throughout, somehow manages to obscure the truth.

Drake simultaneously looks like the biggest pop star in the world, as much as he looks like your friend’s really awkward, albeit good looking dad who creeps onto the dancefloor at a wedding to bust moves he swears he still has. But herein lies the confusion – it makes for compelling viewing and not because the viewer is driven by schadenfreude.

No, despite doing everything he can do appear like this is his big reveal, that he is has been a terrible dancer all along, Drake manages to pull it off, dancing kind of badly on his own in something that looks like the yoga area of a spaceship. Despite putting it right in your face that yes, he is bad at dancing, Drake still manages to retain his cool.

Check it out below and wait til next week, when everybody is dancing like this.