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Feral hogs in Italy destroy cocaine
Photography Jez Timms, via Unsplash

Feral hogs in Italy have destroyed a shit load of cocaine

Off the leash and on the lash

Remember in the summer when that guy made the case for assault rifles because he needed to kill the 30-50 feral hogs that regularly run through his yard? Obviously you do, and now you’ll be thrilled to learn that these wild boars are on tour in Italy and they’ve just destroyed $22,000 worth of cocaine. Yep, really.

The coke was reportedly stashed in a forest by a gang of drug dealers, clearly on the terf of the hogs. After placing a wire on some of the group’s members, the authorities learned about the unsuccessful smuggling operation during a monitored call where someone complained about the damage done by the pigs.

The gang became known to police in May last year after a 21-year-old man was killed. Allegedly smuggling drugs from Perugia to various Italian provinces, the suspects were said to trade two kilograms of cocaine a month, at a price of $90 to $120 per gram. 

According to Newsweek, an “unknown number” – it’s clearly 30-50 – of boars dug up and destroyed the dealers’ packages, dispersing the coke in the woods. It’s unclear whether they ingested any, except they obviously did (legends). 

Four suspects were subsequently arrested, though the fate of the hogs remains unknown. One thing is for certain though, for the hogs: what happens on tour on stays on tour, until it gets leaked to the press.