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Life & CultureAsk An Expert: Can the police randomly swab me for drugs on a night out?
Jon Hopkins psychedelics music
MusicMusicians are making sounds geared towards your trips
Nan Goldin the Met
Art & PhotographyNan Goldin and art activists celebrate the Met dropping the Sackler name
PoliticsExperts condemn the UK government’s passport-confiscating drug crackdown
Music Festival
Life & CultureStudy reveals police presence at festivals leads to ‘panic overdoses’
Blue Punisher MDMA pills
Life & CultureThe ‘world’s strongest’ pill has been seized in a Manchester nightclub
Designer drugs
Science & TechScientists are using AI to predict which drugs will come to market
Life & CultureWhat you need to know about women being ‘spiked with needles’ in UK clubs
Life & CultureUK police have started using ‘anti-cocaine spray’ in pub toilets
Justin Bieber is now selling weed
MusicJustin Bieber is now selling weed
Magic mushrooms
Life & CultureGen Z turned to psychedelics rather than alcohol during lockdown
Science & TechHow to sesh safely when fake and high strength drugs circulate
Female Psychonauts
Life & CultureThe women psychonauts taking on macho magic mushroom culture, and winning
Cold Bones by Tan Gillies3
Life & CultureCold Bones is an unflinching look at addiction and the path to healing
Laughing gas
Science & TechLaughing gas is effective in treating depression, according to a new study
Life & CultureJoints for jabs? Washington offers free weed for COVID vaccine recipients
Mark E. Trent, Despair, Love, and Loss
Art & PhotographyThese photographs depict the stark reality of drug addiction in the US
Science & TechMDMA is being trialled to treat post-traumatic stress disorder
PoliticsReclassifying GHB is a ‘pointless distraction’, say experts
 Depression (Tryptich)
Science & TechThis mail-order ketamine company claims to help fight your depression
MusicMiley Cyrus celebrates the 10th anniversary of teenage bong-smoking video
DMT drug
Science & TechPsychedelic drug DMT is being trialled to treat depression
Cannabis removed from dangerous drugs list
PoliticsCannabis has been removed from the world’s most dangerous drugs list
Spike Lee making a film about viagra
Film & TVSpike Lee is making a musical about viagra