man hugging weed
Life & CulturePublic support for legalising weed is growing in the UK
Euphoria - Zendaya
Film & TVHBO show Euphoria is a wild ride through drug addiction, teenhood, and sex
Raf Simons SS20 menswear Stoned America
FashionStoned America: at Raf Simons’ SS20 show, the kids were not okay
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MusicBreaking down K-pop star B.I’s iKON departure and drug allegations
Michael Gove
PoliticsThe dangerous hypocrisy of Tory MPs broadcasting their drug use
Michael Gove in A Feast At Midnight
PoliticsRanking the Tories on how shit they’d be to do drugs with
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants more drug research
PoliticsAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants more research on drugs for medicinal use
Drug and alcohol addiction meme accounts
Life & CultureHow recovering addicts find solace in Instagram meme accounts
Science & TechBuying drugs on the dark net is on the rise in England
Beats film Glasgow rave scene
Film & TVThe best friends and breakout stars of coming-of-age rave film Beats
Magic mushrooms
Life & CultureDenver is leading the way by decriminalising shrooms
Magic mushroom
Science & TechJust one psychedelic trip can have life-long benefits
Bryan Cranston as Richard Sackler
Life & CultureSee Bryan Cranston and more spoof OxyContin manufacturer Richard Sackler
Human traffic
Film & TVHuman Traffic is getting a sequel, and it’s a reaction to Brexit
Nan Goldin’s PAIN group Guggenheim protest
Art & PhotographyOpioid crisis-linked Sackler Trust freezes donations to UK art institutions
The journey to legal medical cannabis
Life & CultureA brief history of the UK law’s relationship with medicinal cannabis
Life & CultureWhat you need to know about the government-approved drug testing clinic
Life & CultureThere’s a place in the UK where a doctor will test your drugs
Nan Goldin and PAIN activists protest at Cuomo’s NY office
PoliticsNan Goldin and activists protest the lack of overdose prevention centres
Sanitary pad
Life & CultureTeens in Indonesia are getting high by boiling menstrual pads
Science & TechHow people are getting high on light
police and weed
Life & CultureCanada has nearly run out of weed after legalising it
Science & TechA groundbreaking new study finds MDMA can help social anxiety
Life & CultureThis company wants to pay people $50 an hour to smoke weed