Meet the stars of our spring 2019 Infinite Identities issue

We asked Chelsea Manning, Hunter Schafer, the New Pandemics models and more to share their stories and advice for LGBTQIA+ individuals everywhere

At a time when trans rights are more under threat than ever, the spring 2019 issue of Dazed takes a stand for the global creativity of the LGBTQIA+ communities and infinite forms of identity. You can pre-order a copy of our latest issue here, and see the whole Infinite Identities campaign here.

Our spring 2019 issue celebrates, uplifts, and creates space for people who exist all over the gender and sexuality spectrum. For the companion film to the issue, premiering above, we asked cover stars Chelsea Manning, Krow, Hunter Schafer, Ariel Nicholson, and Finn Buchanan to tell us what they think are the most urgent next steps for LGBTQIA+ rights; to give the new generation the advice they wish they’d received, and to tell us what straight people can do to be better allies. Their answers to the last question in particular ranged from the direct redistribution of wealth, to treating everyone the same, regardless of where they fall on the acronym. In the words of New Pandemics model Anaury Peña: “If you’re going to be an asshole, you better be an asshole to everybody.”

“If we just take a step away from our screens and realise we have communities, then we might be able to build up, and fight back,” says Chelsea Manning in her cover feature from our spring 2019 issue. In the film, she once again emphasises the importance of offline community and activism for LGBTQIA+ individuals: “I think the most important next step for queer and trans rights in America is to self-organise.”

From having a queer awakening while dancing to Shakira, to self-defining through survival, watch the film above to hear the stories behind the stars of our Infinite Identities issue, and explore the rest of the campaign here.

Featuring, in order of appearance: Chelsea Manning, Anaury Peña, Cameron Lee Phan, Nic Villarosa, Marti Gould Cummings, Finn Buchanan, Sebastian Rosemarie, Matias Alvial, Kimberly Drew, Larry Milstein, Hunter Schafer, Sage Martin, Mecca Mozelle, Mica Levine, Julian Ruiz, Rahm Bowen, Krow, Ariel Nicholson, Tatenda Ngwaru

Directed, produced and edited by Juan Palacio

Commissioned and executive produced by Bec Evans

Special thanks to Claire Marie Healy, Aimee Cliff, Georgie Daley, Jack Mills, Jared Behl, Dazed Digital and Dazed Print