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courtesy of YouTube/@PowerfulJRE

Elon Musk smoking weed is now a meme


Two of Tesla’s senior executives quit and its shares crashed 6% on Friday (September 7), hours after CEO Elon Musk appeared on comedian Joe Rogan’s massively-watched podcast and smoked weed. Not illegal in California – where the podcast is shot – but probably not a good idea when Tesla company policy involves drug testing and Musk himself is in the middle of seemingly endless controversies.

Obviously more important than Tesla’s stock plummet, though, are the stellar memes Elon’s tiny toke has spawned, a good selection of which we've collected below.

Emphasis, as you might expect when the jokes revolve around a 47 year old man tentatively trying weed, is on how uncool Musk looks in the video.

S/o to this one for giving us the real news on Tesla stocks in its caption: “up 420%”.

Other posts have poked fun at how, despite everyone kicking up such a fuss, the Musk wasn’t even doing anything all that ‘edgy’. As mentioned earlier, weed is completely legal in California.

Musk’s heroism has been likened to that of NFL protester Colin Kaepernick in a parody of Nike’s new campaign.

For some, though, the meme has gone too far; it’s out of control; it’s everywhere.