James Franco

James Franco
Film & TVSeveral women accuse James Franco of sexual misconduct
tommy wiseau
Film & TVHere’s what Tommy Wiseau wanted to say at the Golden Globes
Film & TVJames Franco on becoming cult oddball hero Tommy Wiseau
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Film & TVThe Disaster Artist trailer shows Tommy Wiseau’s odd vision
The Disaster Artist
Film & TVWatch the amazingly bad full-length Disaster Artist trailer
The Disaster Artist
Film & TVJames Franco is Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist trailer
James Franco
Arts+CultureJames Franco shuts down a satirical play about himself
James Franco
Film & TVJames Franco plays twins in this 70s porn industry drama
Tommy Wiseau
Film & TVJames Franco directs The Room biopic in Tommy Wiseau’s voice
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Arts+CultureWatch a teaser for yet another James Franco porn drama
Spring breakers
Arts+CultureSpring Breakers is being turned into a TV series
james franco the deuce hbo
Arts+CultureGet your first look at James Franco’s gay porn HBO drama
James Franco
Arts+CultureJames Franco appears as The Room’s Tommy Wiseau
Arts+CultureThe best LGBT films of 2016
MusicWatch James Franco & Tim O’Keefe’s high school music film
James Franco for Sotheby's
Arts+CultureWatch James Franco’s gooey, Italian sculpture-inspired film
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Arts+CultureWatch James Franco in trailer for gay porn drama King Cobra
James Franco
Arts+CultureJames Franco to star as notorious pick-up artist in new film
Daddy - I'm A Sword Swallower (Prince Rama Remix)_
MusicWatch a debauched Daddy video directed by James Franco
Arts+CultureHere’s the trailer for James Franco’s lesbian vampire film
king cobra james franco
Arts+CultureHere’s another clip from James Franco’s new gay porn drama
james franco
Arts+CultureGet your first look at James Franco’s new gay porn drama
James Franco
Arts+CultureJames Franco is making a lesbian vampire film
james franco gay kiss
Arts+CultureJames Franco opens up about his ‘gay obsession’