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James Franco
via Instagram (@jamesfrancotv)

James Franco appears as The Room’s Tommy Wiseau

The actor, starring in and directing the making-of movie, is a dead ringer for the eccentric director/star of the ‘worst’ movie ever made

The making-of mockumentary about ‘the worst movie ever made’ is almost here, with James Franco, in true Tommy Wiseau style, both directing and starring in The Disaster Artist: The Making of the Room. A shot from Franco’s Instagram shows himself on set, almost unrecognisabe as the star, writer and director of the cult classic.

In his Instagram post, Franco also confirmed that the film would be premiered at SXSW. A screening of the first film is expected on the same program. 

The Disaster Artist is based on the book by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell, chronicling Wiseau’s weird ways onset, as well as what happened when The Room so very unexpectedly blew up. It also stars Dave Franco as Greg (Mark in The Room), Seth Rogan, Alison Brie, Josh Hutcherson and Ari Gaynor – Gaynor takes up the role of Juliette Danielle, a.k.a Lisa, a.k.a ‘you’re tearing me apart Lisa!’.

Wiseau and Sestero are also joining forces again for another off-kilter project, Best Friends, though no release date has been confirmed yet.

SXSW kicks off on March 10.