The Disaster Artist trailer shows Tommy Wiseau’s odd vision

James Franco goes hard in his role as the cult enigma responsible for the world’s best bad movie-making

The Room is the best example of spectacularly awful filmmaking, which sparked a major following, worldwide screenings and reenactments of that ‘Oh hi, Mark’. James Franco’s Disaster Artist is chronicling the riotous behind-the-scenes, offering a portrait of the eccentric dreamer-turned-cult legend Tommy Wiseau.

The latest trailer goes deeper into Wiseau’s character: we see those bizarre acting class moments (hip-thrusting, guttural screams) and on-set performances (some we’re very familiar with) and trainwreck auditions. A fresh element in this trailer though is the more nuanced, human side of Wiseau – the mass rejection by all of Hollywood, bitter arguments with his co-star and fellow The Room collaborator Greg Sestero and a mad on-set meltdown as he stars in, directs, funds and produces his movie with the world against him.

Behind the so awful-it’s-good production lies financial ambiguity, friendships put to the test and a true underdog story. Wiseau, played by Franco, is endearing. So far, the film has received rave reviews from critics and those lucky enough to see preview screenings. 

Dave Franco plays Sestero, whose tell-all book the film is based on. Alison Brie, Seth Rogan and Casey Wilson also appear in the new clip.

Watch the trailer below, before The Disaster Artist hits cinemas December 1.