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Tommy Wiseau

James Franco directs The Room biopic in Tommy Wiseau’s voice

Oh hi, Mark

We’re edging ever closer to the December release of the making-of mockumentary about ‘the worst movie ever made’. Directing and starring in the biopic about The Room is James Franco: known for veering into more bizarre acting techniques, and in homage to the true Tommy Wiseau, sources say Franco has directed the entire thing in Wiseau’s iconic voiceYou're Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!

Jason Mantzoukas, who alongside Hannibal Buress runs a rental house used by Wiseau, told Enterainment Weekly about Franco’s serious method acting/directing.

“Franco directed the whole movie in character as Tommy Wiseau,” Mantzoukas said. “Well, I should amend that – he wasn’t in character as Tommy Wiseau, but once he started the day doing Tommy’s voice, he would spend the rest of the day doing the voice. So, it wasn’t like he was pretending to be Tommy, but it was like James using Tommy’s speech pattern and accent. It was really special and very funny.” 

At a Q&A session following a recent screening of the film, Franco detailed working on his best Wiseau impression. “I studied the role of Tommy the same way I played James Dean, just sort of obsessively driving around in my car listening to the voice all the time,” he said. “It was basically the same thing, playing James Dean and Tommy Wiseau.”

The Disaster Artist: The Making of the Room is based on the book by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell, tracing Wiseau’s major eccentricities on the set of the film, and what happened when it catapulted into the stratosphere as a totally unexpected cult classic. It also stars Dave Franco as Greg (Mark in The Room), Seth Rogan, Alison Brie, Josh Hutcherson and Ari Gaynor as Juliette Danielle, a.k.a Lisa.

We heard last year that Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero were once again teaming up for what looked to be the just as strange film project Best F(r)iends – however, there’s been no word since. 

The Disaster Artist: The Making of the Room will be released widely December 1 2017