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Lily James and Sebastian Stan, Pam & Tommy
Courtesy of Hulu

Pamela Anderson sex tape drama Pam & Tommy is set to premiere in early 2022

Starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, the scandalous show will arrive in the UK via Disney+

The release date for Pam & Tommy, the forthcoming drama miniseries that revolves around the scandalous leak of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape, has finally arrived, and we don’t have long to wait.

Produced by Seth Rogen (who also stars as Rand Gauthier, the electrician and former pornstar who stole the sex tape), the show is set to stream on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in the UK, with the first two episodes arriving February 2, 2022.

The whole eight-part drama will follow Anderson and Lee’s whirlwind romance, including their marriage after knowing each other less than a week in 1995, through to the birth of their children and the leak of their honeymoon sex tape.

Pamela Anderson is played in the show by an unrecognisable Lily James (of Baby Driver and Little Woods), while Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee is played by Gossip Girl’s Sebastian Stan. The cast also includes Nick Offerman, Orange Is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling, and The White Lotus’ Fred Hechinger.

Earlier this year, Tommy Lee himself backed the new show, saying that he’s “stoked” to watch the story unfold. “The story is actually cool,” he added. “What actually happened wasn’t.”

“I think a lot of people would think that it’s one thing, but it’s really about privacy and how things got crazy then. And there’s different laws now.”

Courtney Love, on the other hand, has spoken out against the show for exploiting the Baywatch star’s “complex trauma” from the infamous leak, saying: “My heart goes out to Pammy.”

Revisit the trailer for Pam & Tommy below, ahead of its February 2 premiere on Hulu and Disney+.