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American Horror Story 10

A surprise American Horror Story audio spin-off has arrived

The three-part audio series is based on the series’ tenth season, Double Feature, which debuts tonight

The creators behind American Horror Story have announced a spin-off in the form of a new audio series.

Ryan Murphy’s hit horror anthology has inspired countless spin-offs since it first aired in 2011, including American Crime Story and American Horror Stories, as well as the upcoming American Sports Story and American Love Story.

Now, a three-part audio series has been announced, based around the OG series’ tenth season, Double Feature, which debuts tonight (August 25).

The audio series will focus on the character Rose Flynn, a late-night radio host on the fictional KPCD 666. Each episode will feature clues and Easter eggs tying into the main story of Double Feature. Listeners can even tune into in-universe broadcasts on the official AHS Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Double Feature is split into two parts. Part one, Red Tide, revolves around sea monsters, while the second, Death Valley, deals with aliens. The new season will also see the return of Murphy regulars, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Finn Wittrock, and Lily Rabe. It also offers a look at newcomer to the series Macaulay Culkin.

Watch the trailer for American Horror Story season ten below. Part one, Red Tide, debuts tonight (August 25) in the US and is expected to arrive in the UK in October.