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Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis, Happiest Season
courtesy of CTMG, via People

A first look at Kristen Stewart in ‘gay Christmas rom-com’ Happiest Season

Stewart stars beside Black Mirror’s Mackenzie Davis in the upcoming film

Kristen Stewart is set to star in a Christmas rom-com titled Happiest Season, directed by Clea DuVall, and new images – first released via People – provide a preview of the upcoming film.

Appearing beside Mackenzie Davis, who previously starred in Black Mirror’s unmissable “San Junipero” episode, Stewart can be seen ice skating and gathering with family (played by Glow’s Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, and more) by the Christmas tree.

Pretty standard holiday movie fare, but Happiest Season – unlike many rom-coms, which have typically relegated gay characters to sassy side roles – will focus on the relationship between Stewart and Davis’s respective characters, Abby and Harper (Abby wants to propose to Harper; Harper hasn’t come out to her conservative parents yet).

“I think I've wished to see a gay Christmas rom-com my whole life,” Stewart tells People. “I'm so happy and proud of Clea for bringing this into the world.”

“I love when a holiday movie makes you long for an idea of home, but also examines how hilarious and hard reality at home can be sometimes.”

Earlier this year, it was also announced that Stewart would take the lead role of Princess Diana in Spencer, a film about the people’s princess directed by Ema’s Pablo Larraín. Despite also taking place during the Christmas holidays, Spencer will strike a slightly darker tone, portraying the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles.

Happiest Season is slated to release in the US November 20, and November 27 in the UK. View a preview in the Instagram post below.