6 iconic Princess Di looks Kristen Stewart needs to wear in Spencer

Stewart is set to play the royal style icon in Pablo Larraín’s new film

Yesterday (June 17) it was announced that Kristen Stewart is taking the lead role of Princess Diana in an upcoming film, Spencer – after Diana’s maiden name – directed by Ema’s Pablo Larraín

Taking place across three days, during one of Diana’s final Christmas holidays at the royal family’s Sandringham estate, the film won’t deal with the tragic death of the people’s princess in 1997, but will instead explore her marriage to Prince Charles, leading up to their separation in the early 90s.

Besides portraying the obvious drama that comes with the royal relationship and its pressures under the spotlight of the press, the film will also give Stewart a chance to break out a range of Diana’s iconic 90s looks – which have, in themselves, inspired countless Instagram tributes and Off-White’s entire SS18 collection – when production begins in early 2021. 

With that in mind, we decided to help the film’s costume designer (who is, as yet, TBC) by highlighting six of the outfits we want to see K-Stew wearing.

You don’t have to look any further than Princess Diana’s many cycling-short-and-sweatshirt combos – snapped in countless paparazzi pics – to see that she was clearly ahead of the curve when it comes to 90s athletic wear. This fact clearly isn’t lost on Hailey Bieber, either, who appeared in several Diana-inspired looks for a 2019 Vogue Paris photoshoot, and has been looking to the princess for style inspiration, as she writes on Instagram: “for as long as I can remember”.

We’d also love to see Demna Gvasalia get a costume credit on Spencer, since practically his whole aesthetic is indebted to this puffa jacket moment from Lady Di (who was also partial to some boxy, Vetements-esque silhouettes).

Then there’s Princess Diana’s range of Chanel looks, which include more than a few boxy suits à la Jackie O (who, incidentally, has also been the historical subject of a Pablo Larraín film: 2016’s Jackie). K-Stew already has the connections, too, given she’s a longtime ambassador for Chanel and even played the label’s founder and namesake, Coco Chanel, in a short film in 2015.

Some slightly more offbeat looks include the brown cowboy boots that placed Diana firmly, if preemptively, among the yeehaw agenda crowd. *“Old Town Road” plays softly as Kristen Stewart enters stage right*

It's difficult to choose from all her incredible Gucci-esque knitwear, but we narrowed it down to this allegedly symbolic, definitely iconic red jumper, which features a little a black sheep among a bunch of white ones. J’telephone a la Alessandro Michele for this one, stat.

Of course, it goes without saying that some of Princess Diana’s post-divorce looks are among her most glamorous (see: the infamous black, off-the-shoulder “revenge dress”) but given that Spencer is limited to the three days when she realised her marriage to Prince Charles wasn’t working, it seems like we’re not going to get a chance to see them on Stewart. Fuck it: artistic license, anyone?

And finally, a bonus option: no explanation necessary.

Revisit the Diana-inspired SS18 Off-White show in the gallery below.