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Pornhub has launched its first ever sex education series

Pornhub has launched its first ever sex education series

The platform is offering ‘real talk about sex from those who know it best’

Pornhub has launched a sex education series to try and bridge the gap between porn and actual sex education. 

Healthy mastubation habits, the proper way to use a condom, female anatomy, and what is normal (and what is not) for people with a penis? These are all areas covered across several short videos. All 11 episodes are narrated by sex therapists and PhDs and offer genuine scientific advice. 

Episode one is all about communication. “Everyone deserves to have their boundaries respected,” sex therapist and host Dr Cat Meyers says, adding: “Being pressured into doing sexual things doesn’t feel good. If you’re going to have sex, you should know how to communicate about sex”.

One video even provides ways to have safe sex during the coronavrus pandemic. “A recent study has found that Covid-19 has been found in semen,” Jessicia Ross, a certified sex therapist, claims in the video, “both in men who have active infections and those who have recovered.” Don’t worry though, there is no conclusive evidence yet of whether or not it can be transmitted through this way.

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