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Jeff Goldblum
Photography Clara Balzary

Jeff Goldblum takes over his Glastonbury soundcheck and reveals a new album

Then plays jazz piano in zebra print trousers – enough said

As we’re all well aware by now, Jeff Goldblum is a film icon, a fashion icon, and, yes, a pretty fine jazz piano player as well. He’s also pretty much the most charming man in showbusiness, with an off-kilter, almost stream-of-consciousness manner of speaking (see: the Dazed spring/summer 2019 interview) that blows minds and melts hearts.

That’s exactly what he appeared to do at his Glastonbury soundcheck, too, appearing onstage before his allotted time (2pm on the West Holts Stage with his band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra) to chat to the crowd.

“Jeff Goldblum – in zebra print trousers – is having a casual chat with the crowd at West Holts 20 minutes before the start of his set with the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra,” someone tweeted. Another praised his “impromptu Q&A” and said that he “instigated a ‘no Brexit chant’”.

Unfortunately, his mic was apparently cut while he was in the middle of speaking. Whether that’s because there was a soundcheck going on, or just because his pro-Europe, internet-daddy charm was just too much for people to handle, is unclear.

Jeff also took the time, during his set, to announce a new jazz album, the South Wales Argus reports. This will be his second; the first was a number one jazz album in the US and the UK. “Getting to do another album with the sweet, sweet, enchanted elves and sprites from Decca has me floating on air,” he reportedly said (you read it in his silky voice, didn’t you?). “Somebody please pinch me (ow, not so hard).”