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Jeff goldblum mildred snitzer band merch

Internet daddy Jeff Goldblum just dropped a line of band merch

Add some BDE to your wardrobe

From open-to-the-navel, artfully distressed – by a rampant T-Rex, obvs – black button-downs and Balenciaga Triple S, to tiger-emblazoned Gucci knitwear and that (literally) fire 50/50 Prada bowling shirt, it’s pretty safe to say that Jeff Goldblum is something of a snappy dresser.

The good news for fans, then, is that Goldblum has just launched his own line of merch in the form of two t-shirts – meaning you can now introduce a little of the actor, musician, and internet daddy’s Big Dick Energy into your very own wardrobe.

Announced by way of an Instagram post last night, the t-shirts feature Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra – the name of his LA-based jazz band – prints to the back, and an illustration of Mildred herself on the chest. “Super excited to be dropping my first ever piece of band merch!”, he wrote in the accompanying caption. Presumably not as excited as we are, though.

Released in collaboration with Virgil Normal – ‘a store near a corner in Los Angeles’ – and co-designed by Ben Klevay, the t-shirts are set to drop online any minute now. Form an orderly queue.