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Still from The Lion King Official Trailer
Still from The Lion King Official Trailercourtesy of YouTube/Walt Disney Studios

Listen to Donald Glover and Beyoncé duet in a new Lion King trailer

They play Simba and Nala, respectively, in the live action remake

Even if the original trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King, released in late 2018, didn’t feature enough (read: any) Beyoncé, you probably know a bit about its star-studded cast by now. Donald Glover is taking the lead role as Simba, while James Earl Jones returns as Mufasa and Seth Rogen gets a turn as Pumbaa the warthog.

As for Beyoncé, she’ll be acting (or voicing) across from Donald Glover, as Nala. Which is probably why the pair get to duet in the most recent trailer, released June 20.

“Can You Feel The Love Tonight” is the track that features in the 30 second TV ad slot. Admittedly, and quite obviously, it’s much more Disney-fied than anything you’d hear from Childish Gambino or Beyoncé. Or, in fact, anything from Donald Glover’s own film, with Rihanna, Guava Island.

Still, it’s a novelty to hear the two artists together and see them as eerily-realistic CGI lions, like the fierce royalty of the creative jungle that they are.

The new Lion King, which will also see Chiwetel Ejiofor as the villainous Scar, is directed by Jon Favreau and will release in the UK July 19. Watch the new trailer below.