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The Lion King
Courtesy of Disney

The Lion King trailer doesn’t have enough Beyoncé in it

Spoiler: there’s a king, he dies, then his son becomes the king

What is more soothing than the baritone notes of James Earl Jones’ voice, which is factually one of the wisest sounding voices in the world? You probably know him as Mufasa – and the narrative voice of the new Lion King trailer.

The preview premiered during an American football game on Fox last night, giving viewers a first look at the film. Of course, it looks like it’s going to be the same as the original, but with more visual effects. Reprising his role as the King of the Pride Lands 25 years later, Jones will join Childish Gambino as Simba, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa the warthog, and Beyoncé who will lend her god-like vocals to Nala.

Unfortunately, this trailer doesn’t actually feature Beyoncé at all. Instead, we get a preview of some very familiar dialogue. “One day, the sun will set on my time here,” Mufasa, says to his son Simba. “And will rise with you as the new king.” 

It would be really funny if Jones hadn’t actually recorded any new audio at all and it was all just stitched together from his studio recordings in 1994. I’m also holding out hope that they dub Beyoncé “Deja Vu” over the end credits.

Despite the fact we all know the plot line and dialogue, the film will probably be a massive success. Disney has taken to rehashing its classics using new technology. The company recently attracted widespread acclaim when it made Jungle Book again with more visual effects (but less magic).

The Lion King will be in cinemas in July next year. Watch the trailer below.