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Little Black Mirror still
courtesy of Twitter/@Alesso

Netflix reveal Little Black Mirror, a Black Mirror-inspired video series

With YouTube personalities taking the helm

Ahead of Black Mirror season 5, which is slated to release on Netflix next month (June 5) – watch the trailers here – the streaming company has revealed a small, kind-of-a-spinoff video series that will serve as promotion.

Titled Little Black Mirror, the run of three “mini stories” will be released on May 26, June 2, and June 6.

It will be shown on the Netflix América Latina YouTube channel, probably due to the fact it’s aimed at Spanish-speaking audiences, drawing on talent (mostly YouTube personalities, in an interesting casting move) from across Latin America, who have created their own takes on the iconic Black Mirror series.

The online influencers that will be subjected to the Charlie Brooker-esque dystopias include Alesso, Maia Mitchell, Rudy Mancuso, Juanpa Zurita, Lele Pons, Anwar Jibawi, Hannah Stocking, Jeff Wittek, and Delaney Glazer.

All in all it sounds like another boundary-pushing format under the Black Mirror brand (following, for example, the interactive “Bandersnatch” episode last year). It will be very interesting to see where it leads.