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Black Mirror
Courtesy of Netflix

Watch three (three!) new trailers for Black Mirror season five

Miley Cyrus is a disillusioned pop star turned robot, and Fleabag’s Andrew Scott is a phone-hating kidnapper

Stop what you’re doing – three more Black Mirror season five trailers have just dropped.

We’ve already seen a mash-up of the three new episodes in the first trailer, teasing Miley Cyrus as a purple bob-wearing pop star and Fleabag’s Andrew Scott getting aggy over his phone. Now, Netflix has released the full trailers for you all to watch.

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too opens with Miley Cyrus introducing us to Ashley Too, a mini pop idol digital assistant and best friend – reminiscent of Amazon’s electronic device Alexa – which gains sentience possession of a young teenager. Cyrus’ character, according to the synopsis, has a “charmed existence (that) isn’t quite as rosy it appears”. The teaser for Smithereens shows an Uber-style taxi service gone wrong, with the Fleabag sexy priest instigating some kind of wild kidnap as he descends into mania. “Don’t forget to rate your drivers,” Netflix reminds us. As two estranged college friends reunite later in life, Striking Vipers shows the – for now elusive – triggering of a series of events that could alter their lives forever.

After the interactive film Bandersnatch dropped last year, we can’t wait to see what Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker and showrunner Annabel Jones has come up with this season. But for now, you can watch the three new trailers below. And in the meantime, read back on our expansive oral history of the dystopian anthology show.

Black Mirror season five drops on Netflix June 5