Watch our latest short film about social media and human interactions

Filmmaker Georgie Daley reflects on passive networking and how our online activity affects our relationships

The era of social media anxiety is at our door: thanks to their new feature, Facebook and Instagram will soon let us know how long we’re online for, and even send notifications to help us reduce the hours we spend scrolling, posting and liking. But to what extent do these apps impact our lives, and mental wellbeing?

In Check your connection, her short film part of Channel 4’s Random Acts series, Georgie Daley explores just that. “I have always been quite adverse to social media and any kind of digital replacement or enhancement for interaction, I find it dilutes the human experience,” she said. “I thought the digital world was making individuals curate their lives too much and focusing on their personal brands rather than their personal lives.”

In this three-minute short film produced by Dazed, Daley reflects on the ups and downs of social media, digging into the realm of our online lives. Documenting a series of people that explain in what way social media enhance their relationships, or recount their struggles with insecurities and frustration dictated by the greed of being at their digital best, the film suggests that sometimes, the right thing to do it’s just to go offline – and reconnect with ourselves.

Watch it above.