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Nina Ricci Womenswear A/W11

Peter Copping conforms to the ideals of refined Parisian chic with dark autumnal tones

What’s emerging in Paris is something that is well… very Parisian. Refined chicness, or at least typical notions of chic are being shown without being coy about referencing the past. Peter Copping was of course never one to turn the conceptual wheel with his collections. He has been unabashedly feminine in his time at Nina Ricci in keeping with the Maria ‘Nina’ Ricci’s own love of romance. Respecting the house’s past meant that we saw a beautifully refined collection that did nothing to shy away from the nonchalant and elegant idealistic way of Parisian style. Boucle tweed, velvet devore and lame along with embroideries of mirrors and sequins formed a richly textured collection with tactability contributing to the overwhelmingly luxurious feeling of every piece.

Copping also masterfully played with colour managing to that chic Parisian staple of black, darker and autumnal tones like forest green and cherry with flurries of pastel colours such as a coral pink, pale oyster and a lovely powder blue that was particularly effective in a leather pea jacket. Speaking of which, it was down to these extra loose jackets and as well as the pragmatic military knits that added a sense of reality to the hyper feminine mood, preventing the collection from falling into a saccharine trap. 

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