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Rochas A/W11

Marco Zanini went for wonton chic in an elegant collection featuring A cheetah print, lingerie-inspired peach silk satin and a navy jacquard

The word ‘chic’ has been used and abused to the point where it has no real meaning or can be a downright insult in some instances. Marco Zanini however chose to delve into the true meaning of the word and to find out what makes Rochas ‘chic’ in the truest sense. The ‘chic’ research resulted in a highly refined and slightly retro-gading elegant gallop through vaguely 50s silhouettes that started with demure yet sharp tailoring in a muted chambray blue paired with astrakhan garrison hats. An archive Bucol print entered in navy and maroon to compliment the wintry tones and trapeze shapes that we have been seeing consistently this season. A cheetah print, lingerie-inspired peach silk satin (seen in a bustier top and a oozing bias-cut gown) and a navy jacquard were the key fabrics that propelled the undeniable sense of elegance in the collection that made you feel like we were seeing a bygone era of chic, reborn and reconfigured in a way that feels utterly right for Rochas.

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