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Jeremy Scott A/W11

The king of bright colours doesn't disappoint with sugar-spun dip-dyed hair with a play on logos and superheros

As colourful, loud and unashamed as always, Scott took to the catwalk on Wednesday with a collection that followed in last season's theme of logos and slogans. This time around we were told to 'Enjoy God' (in the Coca Cola font) and that 'Milk Kills'. Another very visible logo was that of Scott's sometime design partner, Adidas, who had their logo on an over sized and sequinned football shirt. Colour wise we saw just about everything possible. In a true rainbow homage, Scott showed multi coloured biker jackets, red T-shirts with yellow text, silver leather trousers, and an over sized green grunge knitwear jumper. Pink was prominent - often mixed with silver - and it came out as some sort of spun sugar fluff. A black and frilled section counter weighed all the colour for a while but in the end the Batman outfit and the closing shimmering Superman outfit, complete with a red cape, won. 

Dazed Digital: What inspired the collection?
Jeremy Scott:
The idea of getting dressed to go out and how exciting it was to do that; do your hair and maybe do your own outfit... I wanted to recapture that enthusiasm and I thought a lot about films like Gregg Araki's 'Nowhere'. But it's about taking the inspiration and going forward while doing something fun...

DD: So it's a very sentimental collection then?
Jeremy Scott:
Well, yeah, I was inspired by a memory, but it's completely new. For example, I wasn't doing chain mail back then... It's a waft of air from that time, not a copy.

DD: What about the super hero theme...
Jeremy Scott:
I have always loved super heroes and cartoons, and people used to dress up as them in clubs to take on another persona.

DD: Is there a standout piece in the collection for you?
Jeremy Scott:
The first look, the 'Enjoy God' tank top in metal mesh 

DD: Do you feel that this is representative of people's day to day needs though?
Jeremy Scott:
Some of it is of course great for a musician or a performer, but people can wear my stuff everyday!

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