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Jehee Sheen S/S11

The Seoul Fashion Week designer showed a monochrome collection partly inspired by martial arts and characterised by shoe lace details

Jehee Sheen supplied a sightly darker and moodier aesthetic than many other menswear designers at Seoul Fashion Week. His Spring Summer collection focused on a black and white colour palette with a few injections of crusty red. the silhouette, mostly through a floor length coats, was long. A clear martial arts inspired look came courtesy of seam details and loose trousers paired with wraparound jackets. the voluminous approach carried on throughout Sheen's S/S11 collection, which was characterised by his use of shoe laces as tightening devices on coats and jackets. There might have been a few too many flowing silk tops but overall this was a collection that testified to Jehee Sheen's modern take on what felt like genuine South Korean fashion.

Dazed Digital: How long have you been doing this line?
Jehee Sheen:
This was my forth season.

DD: What influenced you?
Jehee Sheen:
Every season represents a different part of the brand and this time around I looked abstinence and self-introspection.

DD: What do you have abstinence from?
Jehee Sheen:
the animal instincts that we all have inside of us…

DD: There were elements of martial art uniforms in there I thought…
Jehee Sheen:
Yes, there were bits and pieces from a Korean training method, which also builds around the concept of abstinence.

DD: What about what looked like shoe laces details on the jackets and coats?
Jehee Sheen:
Yeah, it’s about tightening and being strict…

DD: Do you have a favourite piece?
Jehee Sheen:
The last piece, it was a black cotton coat!