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Craig Lawrence x Machine-A

Soho's concept store teams up with the NEWGEN designer for an exclusive new collection

London's concept store MACHINE-A has teamed up with NewGen innovative knitwear designer Craig Lawrence to design an intimate collection exclusively for MACHINE-A. With a colour palette of gold and black this collection is made up of linear and exposed yarn dresses (long and short), cycling shorts, 90s crop tops all inspired by Craig's successful A/W 10 collection and fingerless gloves referencing his latest House of Organza collaboration. Today hosts this introduction of Craig at MACHINE-A with a private view from 11am - 6pm followed by the launch party. All pieces will be available to buy (some made to order). Dazed was lucky enough to get the first preview and ask some questions to MACHINE-A founder Stavros and Craig Lawrence. 

Dazed Digital: Why did you decide to collaborate with Craig?
 Here at MACHINE-A we've got the best selection of young, emerging and creative designers anywhere in London. We're always aiming to collaborate with the brightest and best emerging talents and so we've wanted to collaborate with Craig Lawrence for a while now, he's a true visionary and it's designers like Craig that are important to London Fashion right now and also for it's future. It's not often a designer like Craig comes along and we're always on the lookout for the next big thing. 

DD: How did this collaboration with MACHINE-A come about?
MACHINE-A saw me at LFW and wanted to buy some of my collection. As this is my first UK stockist we wanted to make it special so we decided to make bespoke pieces for MACHINE-A.

DD: How does it feel to be involved with an exciting store like MACHINE A?
Craig Lawrence:
It is really refreshing to have a shop like MACHINE-A where they are hot to support young creatives, take risks and be bold. They always have such exciting projects so I feel honoured to be one of these.

DD: How would you describe this capsule collection?
Craig Lawrence:
A mixup of research and past collections. Last season's gold colours and this seasons techniques. Being a british designer I wanted to create pieces that I feel are true to the London attitude, like the crop tops and fingerless gloves.

DD: Why did you choose to only use gold and black?
Craig Lawrence:
Gold was inspired by the gold of A/W10 and the recent House of Organza and black came from the fact I have never used this colour in any of my work so wanted to experiment and see my designs this way. 

DD: What's next for MACHINE-A?
 We've got another event coming up soon with Vava Dudu, she's an amazing French artist and fashion designer who's worked with ShowStudio, been a part of NewGen and worked with Gaga. Vava's doing some exclusive pieces for us and bringing over her band to perform in our windows at an exclusive launch event for the brand here in London. We will also be hosting the launch party for Untitled magazine and teaming up with the amazing milliner Piers Atkinson for the Christmas windows.