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Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani S/S11 Film

The Canadian shows off the new Spring Summer film and we chat to him about his futuristic collection and the brilliance of model Tanga Moreau

North American designer Rad Hourani has long been involved in every aspect of his label, from designing the clothes to the production of his films. In his newest excursion, he takes his favourite model Tanga Moureau and flips her figure in symmetrical images for a modern graphic result. Besides the new video for S/S11, Hourani has also collaborated with Aldo for his RAD by Rad Hourani diffusion line with three unisex styles, each representing a unique take on contemporary footwear. Only 200 pairs of each style have been produced worldwide, available from February 2011 exclusively at

Dazed Digital: The new film seems to be quite futuristic where the subject is oddly rigid and almost robotic, what were the themes behind it and also the new collection?
Rad Hourani:
It's about the transformation of the six pieces and the silhouette that I'm interested in. The Collection consists of 22 looks made of six pieces. I'm always attracted to modern, confident, slick, graphic images and I guess that is what is seen as rigid or robotic. 

DD: Who is Tanga Moreau and why did you think she was the best fit?
Rad Hourani: Tanga Moreau is one of my favourite models of the 90s, I find that she's timeless and her beauty is versatile in which I chose to shoot her in a genderless way. She's also a mum, an artist, a wonderful model and a great person. She represents very well the people I design for, as I see myself in her. It's all about the mirror!

DD: The black and white video particularly accentuates the monochrome line, were the constant rapid shot changes to imply symmetry?
Rad Hourani: Everything I do is related to symmetry, for me symmetry in images or designs is perfection and black and white is timeless when it's well done.

DD: Did you shoot the film yourself and will you be doing all your future ones too?
Rad Hourani: Yes, I shot and directed the video myself, it was edited by Kevin Calero. The whole team was great, from Hung Vanngo who did the hair and make up, William Graper that did the styling and Melissa Matos who took care of the production. And yes, i'll be doing the future videos and images as usual. The clothes are only one part of what I do, they’re not all of that. I also do photography and videography and film as they have always, equally, been my interests. It’s really about my whole world… Photography and video are as necessary as the collections because it’s all about the language I feel the like to use when expressing myself and applying my vision, through all of these mediums.